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Database link example
Database link example

Database link example

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In Oracle PL/SQL, the CREATE DATABASE LINK statement creates a schema In the example above, user jim on the remote database defines a fixed-user

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Jan 17, 2008 - Create a database link Tips. How to create an Oracle database link · Oracle Database Links tnsnames.ora tns_admin global_names Connected User Link, CREATE [SHARED] [PUBLIC] DATABASE LINK . For example, this example alters the dependency model for the current session: See Also: "Defining a Public Database Link: Example". SHARED. Specify SHARED to create a database link that can be shared by multiple sessions using a

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Oct 29, 2013 - A database link (DBlink) is a definition of how to establish a connection from one Oracle database to another. The following link types areUse the DROP DATABASE LINK statement to remove a database link from the remote , which was created in "Defining a Public Database Link: Example": LINK is valid. If not already setup, ensure the database has a global name. e.g.. ALTER DATABASE rename global_name to SS64.WORLD. Example. CREATE Mar 13, 2013 - The following statement defines a current-user database link: Note: All of the following examples will use DECNET and TCP/IP format. Jun 2, 2010 - I have a need to create a database link that is a link to a schema on the same (For example, if the script was treating anything outside of the "Defining a Public Database Link: Example". dblink. Specify the complete or partial name of the database link. If you specify only the database name, then Oracle

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